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The Science of Reincarnation explained

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Using the Science of Reincarnation as a counter radicalization initiative in accordance with the National Security Preparedness Group’s guidelines.
This white paper was written in response to the Bipartisan Policy Commission’s Paper on Preventing Violent Radicalization in America which was done by the National Security Preparedness Group. READ MORE…
Bi Partisan Policy Commission’s report on counter radicalization in America. VIEW REPORT…

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The best methods of implementing a counter radicalization initiative using the science of reincarnation in accordance with the national security preparedness group’s guidelines. READ MORE…

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How to crowd fund and crowd source a foreign policy initiative using the Science of Reincarnation. READ MORE…

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Fact based and logic driven information about this emerging science

Let us prove it to you, scientifically, that the science of reincarnation is already a science

CLICK HERE to go directly to the science being done at major institutions.

Bob Good will be speaking at the IANDS’ “Explore The Extraordinary”

Conference on Friday, September 4th, 2015, at 3:30 pm.

Topic: Explaining The Applications Of The Science Of Reincarnation.



The Science of Reincarnation

Help us raise awareness and support this science being done at UVA, UNLV, University of Miami, Princeton, Stanford, University of Miami, University of Toronto and more. Look at the series on the science of reincarnation for dummies on this page and see what they are doing at these universities and what it means.

Then visit the science fiction side, the fiction based on what they are discovering and understand how that too helps raise awareness and spread the information.

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Click to visit the science section

Click to visit the science section

To go to the science side simply click on the science book, that index will relate to the current thinking about what we are seeing. Simply put, it’s not simply amazing, it’s evolutionary, revolutionary and it is the most current and complete presentation of our understanding of the science of reincarnation.

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Click to visit the science fiction section

To go to the fiction side simply click the science fiction trilogy. That index has to do with marketing the books, and film, but also the documentaries that go with this subject. We are looking for independent film makers so we can show them how to put together amazing you tube collections from existing scientists explaining this science. Simply look at our film library to see core film from each discipline or University.

This web site contends that reincarnation, in light of the scientific discoveries of the last 50 years, should no longer be considered a belief but rather a science.

That’s it, one sentence.

The effect of that simple change in perception will change mankind.

So what you have on this website is how studies in different areas of science, once thought not to have a connection, are interrelated, and when totaled produce a science that meets the definition of a science as accepted by the scientific community. I think when you examine the evidence on this site you will find we make that case successfully. Reincarnation should now be considered a science.

Now here is a 5 minute video link to a youtube video that you can find in our science section in the video library. It is done by Fox news but the same story was done by ABC, that version is also there as well. It is a story of a child who remembers his previous life as a WW II pilot. What will make the hairs on the back of your head stand on end in a good way is that the living members of his squadron who are now 80 years old say yes that child was our comrade 50 years ago.

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Now this example is not an isolated instance. The University of Virginia has studied and catalogued this type of event, children who claim past lives for over 50 years. But since that research started finds in fields such as archeology, micro physics, fractal geometry and quantum biology have changed how we should look at the type of effect we are seeing in children who claim prior incarnations, near death experiences and past life regression.

We are not going to claim to prove here that reincarnation exists; we are going to build a case for how to study it scientifically, in doing so we will change the world.

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If we are successful then funding can go to studies at major institutions to help us understand the phenomena that we see worldwide and in every race and culture.

There would be symposiums where researchers could talk to each other, something that is really not done now. For the researchers to do it now would risk both reputation and existing research dollars they get.

It would at the end of the day allow for coordination, communication, additional funding and respectability.

Who will judge whether this scientific case is made. You my reader can make your own determination. The book The Science of Reincarnation should be version 1.0. As my readers become involved they will fill out the details of some of the disciplines with the science and this will evolve.

Regardless whether at the end of the day you agree with this hypothesis or not research that we go over here done at Stanford, Princeton, the Universities of Virginia, Las Vegas Nevada, and Miami as well as countless others will continue and the shape of this argument will only get stronger.

Finally there is the geopolitical effect of this change in perception. The process of death and rebirth that we see is a fairly democratic one with consequences for chosen actions. This argument presents its own narrative against radical fundamental ideologies.

Last thing, Florida retirement communities book Mr. Good to speak next winter January-March 2014.

Welcome to The Science of Reincarnation.